Is it a bike? Is is a luge? Is it a scooter? Its the Ezy-Roller! Combining the control of a bike and the fun of a scooter, its one unique ride and its super fun!

Ezy-Roller moves like a snake, without chains, batteries or pedals, using easy left-right leg movements. You can reach speed up to 12mph once you have the technique (and the legs!) and includes handbrake for easy stopping.

The EzyRoller uses a locomotion principle called cambering motion. It uses a simple left / right movement (in this case created by the legs pushing on the moving front bar) to create an action / reaction very similar to the one used by snakes.

*Kids as young as three can master the art of the Ezy-Roller
*Moves and turns silently
*Works on most flat surfaces
*Comes in a colourful box including all extensions and tools needed to grow with your kids (thanks to Ezy-Rollers patented and award winning design!)
*Designed and developed in New Zealand, utilising top quality materials and engineering
*Complies with Australia, New Zealand and US safety standards
*Maximum recommended weight: 150lb

The Ezy-Roller comes with ezy roller plus two extention bars to convert cart to medium or large size.

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